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Leading Reed Organ Manufacturers

As in almost any industry, there are always a handful of companies that are recognized as "industry leaders," and this was true with those who built reed organs. Of the 653 American reed organ manufacturers only about two dozen of them were best known, or were seen as the primary reed organ (or pump organ) builders.

Of course, the Estey company was the biggest. They built more pump organs than anyone else and did so by a wide margin.

Listed below are most of the names of companies that were viewed as leaders in the reed organ industry. I have information on just about all of them and would be happy to share that information with you. In addition, I probably have information for the majority of the 653 companies as well. If you email me the name of the company that built your pump organ I can send you what I have.An Antique Reed Organ

  • W. Bell & Co.
  • Carhart & Needham
  • E. P. Carpenter & Co.
  • Chicago Cottage Organ Co.
  • Clough & Warren Co.
  • Cornish & Co.
  • J. Estey & Co
  • Farrand & Votey
  • Fort Wayne Organ Co.
  • Hamilton Organ Co.
  • W. W. Kimball Co.
  • Mason & Hamlin
  • Newman Brothers Organ Co.
  • Packard Bros.
  • Prince & Co.
  • W. W. Putnam & Co.
  • Beckwith
  • New England Organ Co.
  • Story & Clark Organ Co.
  • Weaver Organ Co
  • Western Cottage Organ Co.
  • Wilcox & White Organ Co.
  • Williams Organ Company


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