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About Me

Rod Fudge is the owner and technician of Pump Organ Restorations.  Retired from "corporate America", Rod includes in his resume a period of time working with Stephen R. Covey, author of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. 

The great advantage of Rod's situation is that he works on pump organs because he absolutely loves them.  In that respect, Rod has cultivated a hobby into something much more meaningful and rewarding. 

You'll know his enthusiasm the moment you speak with him.  Rod is the consummate professional, and will meet and exceed your expectations.  (And no, Rod didn't write this one...his web guy wrote it for him, but it's all truthful and accurate).

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Mission Statement

With the passing of a century and a number of decades there are not that many areas of the country that still provide professional pump organ services.  Our mission is very simply:

“To provide top quality pump organ services for a fair and reasonable price.”


Although the source of this statement may be
unknown, it’s well worth reading:
“It is one thing to repair a machine, it is quite another
to make it a musical instrument.”




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