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WARNING -- To Pump Organ Buyers  

Beware of people on line that sound like circus barkers trying to sell pump organs who say things like: 


Circus Barker 

·        very unique and rare 

·        works like the day it was first sold 

·        FLAWLESS!!!! condition 

·        everything is truly original 

·        you will not find another one like it  

·        this is a truly unique parlor organ 

·        it’s all original 

·        it’s in PERFECT condition!!!!! 

·        is very "UNIQUE" 

·        is a rare antique parlor pump organ 

·        is a real bargain at $$ 


These, and similar statements and simply not true:  

·        pump organs are not RARE 

·        100 plus year old pump organs are never in FLAWLESS condition.  

·        chances are you CAN find one just like it.  

·        there's not much that's UNIQUE about pump organs because you can find them online everywhere -- the problem is, no one wants them. 

·        if you're paying more than a few hundred dollars for one it's not a BARGAIN. 


Granted, if you happened to find the pump organ that Mary Todd Lincoln played when the Lincolns were in the White House, naturally, that's a different story.  Remember, they're all kinds of people out there saying all kinds of things to get you to part with your money.  


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