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W. Doherty & Company

W. Doherty Organ

Unfortunately, this is just about all the information that’s survived the passing of time on W. Doherty & Company.

Clinton, Ontario. Started as Doherty & Menzies in 1868, a furniture and music retailer. Made a few organs in 1875 and the next year built a small shop employing eight men

In 1879 a second building was constructed alongside the other and production reached 100 organs per month. This original factory complex was located in the block bounded by Princess, Raglan and Rattenbury Streets.

In 1898 the entire plant burned, but within three months a new factory consisting of two buildings at the corner of East and Irwin Streets was built with a capacity of four hundred organs per month.

The buildings are still in existence. Piano production began about 1905 and the firm was renamed Doherty Piano & Organ Co. in 1908, Doherty Piano Co. in 1913 and Doherty Pianos Ltd. in 1917. Fires in 1901 and 1905 also caused serious set-backs.

They Acquired by Sherlock-Manning Organ Co. (qv) in 1920 when William Doherty retired, but continued to operate under the Doherty name. Made folding organs used by missionaries and also by the military in World War II and the Korean War.

Their capacity in 1906 was 6,000 organs per year. Organ production declined after about 1910 and came to an end during World War II. Serial numbers: 1887 - 5678, 1889 - 11429, 1901 - 36239, 1902 - 39023, 1904 - 46279, 1904 - 46667.

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