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The "ORGAVAC" - Reed Organ Vacuum Pumps


<-- Model ARO-6
(1/8th hp) 2.5" suction for up to 6 sets of reeds

23lbs - 11"x11"x12" high
Shipping weight - 23lb.

Price: $321 plus shipping

Model ARO-16 -->
(1/2 hp) 4.5" suction for up to 16 sets of reeds

44lbs - 13"x14"X15.5" long
Shipping weight - 44lb.

Price: $519 plus shipping


These units completely eliminate all the foot pumping while at the same time improving the performance of any reed organ. These compact units are fairly easy to install and will not change your organ's appearance (and no one will see it, either),

They come in two sizes. One for the smaller "parlor" style organs, including melodeons, and the other one for the larger two manual church organs.

They both come with reliable motors and solid aluminum fans (no rusting). They are precision balanced and shock-mounted in sound quieting insulated enclosures for vibration-free operation.

Flanges, flexible duct, hardware and under-keyboard switch (wired into the unit) are all supplied, together along with detailed instructions for installation.

You can purchase them, along with any additional information by contacting the following people:

CALL TOLL FREE: (800) 338-8863


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