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Here’s probably the best collection of reed organ related publications that I’m aware of that can still be purchased.  The fellow that sells them is also a Reed Organ Society member.  His contact information is:  Nelson Pease, 38 Pearl Street, Palmer, MA  01069-1739, 413-283-9203

The Pease Collection of Historical Instruments
Offering a Wide Variety of Reed Organ Publications

Estey Reed Organs on Parade by Robert B. Whiting, Second Edition, revised and expanded 8-½ x11, 184 pp. This classic is a must for the Estey enthusiast--replete with history, photos, original advertising, specifications, serial numbers, much more. # E-100 ____ @ $29.00

New England Cabinet Organs, 1878-79. 7-3/4 x11, 12 pp. A total of nineteen precisely detailed engravings grace this circular published by the notable Boston firm. #NE-107_____ @ $5.00

Packard/Farrand Combined catalog of 1903, 6x9, 32pp. Excellent review of all case styles, stoplists, specifications, together with company histories and organ care tips. #PF-116 _____@ $9.00

Gellerman’s International Reed Organ Atlas Second Edition 6x9, 316 pp. Recognized worldwide as the most complete and extensive directory of the reed organ industry ever published. All known reed organ firms are listed, including available company histories and serial #s. #A-111_____@$31.50

Vocalion Organs pub. by the New York Church Organ Co, 1888. 6x9, 28 pp. Engravings and stop lists, features, specifications, testimonials. #V-112_____@$6.00

The American Organ, l874. 8-1/2 x 11, 44 pp. Beautifully-produced catalog by the Smith American Organ Company of Boston, with engravings and descriptions of 23 styles. #SA-101_____@$5.00

Newman Bros. Organ March Sheet music from 1891, 9x12, with striking front and rear color covers featuring Newman Bros. Organ. Perfect accent piece for your salon organ. #NB-113_____@$5.00

The Orchestrelle by The Aeolian Company, New York, 1904. 7x10, 16 pp. showing this most coveted of all reed organs in elegant home settings, with descriptions and testimonials. #0-120_____@$4.00

Playing the American Reed Organ, edited by Robert F. Gellerman. 8-1/2x11, 124 pp. Long out of print, this revised and expanded Second Edition is drawn from scarce 19th-century method books, showing fingering, stop usage, and organ care. 112 music pieces are included. #PO-114___@$25.00

Old Favorite Songs – 5x8, 36 pp. A booklet produced by Newman Bros. in 1895, with 21 sing-along parlor favorites. Each facing page pictures a Newman Bros. instrument. #NB-119____@$4.00

Manufacturing the Muse, by Dennis G. Waring. "Estey Organs and Consumer Culture in America" 8x10, 356 pp. w/CD. A new look at how reed organ manufacturing changed life in Victorian society. By far the most extensively researched reference on the Estey Organ Co. #MM-2_____@$25.00

Link Orchestral Pipe Organ, "The Most Wonderful Musical Instrument in the World", 7x10, 6 pp. Descriptions of Link Organs for home, theatre and hotel. #L-126 ____ @$2.00

Reproduco Organs, Instructions and List of Parts, 6x10, 8 pp. Diagrams and photos: Maintenance, Changing Rolls, Dust and Bleed. #R-127 ___ @$3.00

Coinola 3x5-1/2, 20 pp. Photos of all available styles, descriptions, specs. #CO-128 ___ @$4.00

The American Reed Organ–And the Harmonium, by Robert F. Gellerman. 8 ½ x 11, 304 pp. First published in 1973, now in Second Edition, 1996. Accepted as standard reference in the field, with every facet of history, description, restoration. #AR-103 soft_____@ $29.95, hard _____@$39.95

The Cornish Company, Washington, New Jersey. 7 ½ x 11, 36 pp. This profusely illustrated catalog details company history, promotions, and pre-1915 organs. #C-104_____@$8.00

Music for Celestina, Mandolina, and Coronet 5 x 7, 36 pp. Containing engravings of these organettes, plus complete tune list of all paper roll music then available. #CMC-105_____@$4.00

History and Development of the American Cabinet Organ by Henry Lowell Mason 9 x 8, 16 pp. First published in 1901, detailing Mason & Hamlin’s origins and instruments #MH-108____@$5.00

The McTammany Organette, a one-page broadside with engraving of the instrument, details, and promotional "Twelve points of excellence over all others" #MCT-109__@$5.00, plastic__@ $10.00

Manufacturers Music Album compiled by Michael Hendron. 9 x 12, 60 pp. Collection of 12 pieces of sheet music originally introduced by reed organ companies, with engravings. #MM-115_@$10.00

The Estey Organ 6 x 9, 16 pp. Published by the Brattleboro firm with glowing descriptions of "the craftsmen, methods and materials which produce these splendid instruments" #E-118____@$3.00

The American Organ, a huge 2' x 3' broadside engraved and distributed in 1868 by S.D. and H.W. Smith of Boston and New York. A showpiece for any shop or music room. #SA-121___@$5.00

Instructions for Servicing the Estey Reed Organ. Remedies for silent reeds, sticking keys, dropped keys, etc. Included will be a full-color Estey Organ Co. Trade Card. both #E-122____@$3.00

Story & Clark Organ Co. of Chicago, USA, and London, England. 8 ½ x 11, 300 pp., spiral bound. Compiled by David M. Knowles and edited by Charles and Pamela Robison, this massive reference work was years in research and production. Includes several color plates. #SC-127___@$35.00

Trade Cards Two sheets of four reed organ company trade cards in full color, including Mason & Hamlin, Sterling, Patterson, Marchal & Smith #TC-128___ @$3.00

Link Unit Organs 7 x 10, 16 pp. Sixteen points that clearly define the excellence of Link organs of Binghamton, N.Y.. Several engravings, extensive Glossary of Stops. #L-123 ___ @$4.00

The Estey-Organ School 9x12, 60 pp. Originally published ca. 1880, faithful reproduction of rare "organ-method" book, including 50 pages of music. Spiral bound. #E-129 ___ @$12.00

Estey Organ Co. of Brattleboro, Vermont Huge 18x24 broadside with four fine engravings of instruments and Birge St. factory complex 1870. Detailed history of company. #E-130 ___ @5.00

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Order from: The Pease Collection of Historical Instruments, 1351 Main St., Palmer, MA 01069

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