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Over 600 Pump Organ Companies

Prince ManufactoryIn the United States alone, there were approximately 653 names of pump organ companies. Although some pump organ companies owned more than one name or label, there were well over 600 pump organ companies that did business in this country.

It may be interesting to point out that of these 653 companies, only 25 of them were located in those states that once formed the old civil war Confederacy. This was due largely to the fact that by the end of the civil war, the south had almost no manufacturing capability and by the time they did, the pump organ’s popularity was fading fast.

However, sales for pump organs were very strong in the south. They were much cheaper to buy than a piano, as money was scarce, and they were a lot easier to move. In addition, the pump organ had a great ability to bring back a sense of joy to a people that were ravaged by the civil war.

In times of hardship, music can be a wonderful tonic that stirs the heart and touches the soul.

Below is a state listing of the location of these various pump organ companies:

Alabama 1   Nebraska 2
Arkansas 2   New Hampshire 42
California 7   New Jersey 39
Connecticut 42   New York 91
Georgia 1   North Carolina 4
Illinois 73   Ohio 41
Indiana 16   Pennsylvania 47
Iowa 1   Rhode Island 2
Kansas 1   South Dakota 1
Kentucky 4   Tennessee 5
Maine 12   Texas 4
Maryland 1   Virginia 4
Massachusetts 113   Vermont 26
Michigan 57   Wisconsin 11
Minnesota 5   Unknown state or city 39
Missouri 6  


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